Wednesday 14 April 2021

Mt Cameron, East Coast, Tasmania. 10km day hike.


Safari's sexy adventures over on the far North East Coast during the frigid months of Tasmania's extended Winter season always include this whopping chunk of rounded granite. .

Mt Cameron ticks all the boxes for those that get off on solitude, dry sclerophyll forest tracks, loads of lumpy boulders and banging views.

Last year I took my old-as-fuck dog, Penny to the area.  The idea was to give her a brief sniff and wander up the first few hundred metres of the main path- she had other ideas and ran off chasing the trail and smashed it to the summit like a complete savage.  

Right on Penny!  

Map sourced from Google Maps.


From Launceston; get yourself to Bridport and head East on the B82 (Waterhouse Road) which can be a sketchy narrow piece of shit road.  Take care.

After 50 kilometres look out for Old Port Road on the right.  Photo below.

From Gladstone: head West on Waterhouse Road for 10.5 kilometres.  Old Port Road will be on your left.  Photo below.

Drive South down the track for about 7 kilometres.  Your looking for this marker (photo below). 

Head up the forestry road on your left for 3 kilometres to the walking track start at a locked red gate.  2WD access on these roads is fine.

Map sourced from  I didn't have a map and this is the best I could hunt down to show the general path taken. Plus this blog post from 2014 was a great help regarding logistics.  A much recommended website!

Safari Track Rating:

The main track is well marked and there is no need to roll past the Scottsdale High School Field Study Centre anymore as the track bypasses it now.  

I recommend checking out the Douglas Lookout and the Maze.  Take your time, have a wander.

There's a bit of hopping over ledges and steep poky bits towards the final ascent.

On a clear day views out over the North Coast at Waterhouse and Tomahawk can be savoured.

I returned a few weeks later and camped out on a bluff on a Saturday evening.  No people, no noise.  Blissful wild surroundings.


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