Sunday 27 June 2021

Mt Scott, Northern Tasmania. 7 kilometre return hike.


Map sourced from Google Maps.


Mt Scott is a flat bump poking out amongst the striking green flora in the Mt Maurice Forest Reserve.  

Worth a look.

Scott is just shy of 1000 metres high and it's a fun old wander through the ferns and myrtles to reach the South facing viewpoint.  Loads of colourful fungi was sprinkled around trailside during my mid June jaunt through the forest and due to some recent blow downs at the start of the track very few people have bothered plugging through which meant I had the place to myself.

Sort of.  When I rocked up to the track head fairly early on a wintry Sunday morning I was somewhat surprised to see another vehicle already parked.  Soon enough a group of 5 oldies bumbled down the road and informed me they couldn't find their way through the tangle of trees and were calling it good.    

Game on. 

Getting There:

Much the same as for Mt Maurice; 

  • From central Launceston it is around 33 kilometres to Camden Hill Road on the A3.
  • Chuck a right hand turn onto Camden Hill Road, it is after the Myrtle Park Recreation Ground.
  • Toddle up for 7.5 kilometres and keep left where the road turns onto Diddlelum Road.
  • Diddlelum turns into East Diddlelum, stay left and continue on trhis road.
  • After around 6 kilometres hang a right and park at the junction.  The trailhead sign is a couple of hundred metres up the track. (photo below)

Map sourced from AllTrails.

Currently there are a few blowdowns and a bit of gnarly growth impeding the start of the trail.  If you carefully follow the markers and keep on an Eastbound direction the trail gets easier and cleared of vegetation.

I popped the top on the white plastic cylinder containing an old walkers register and wrote a long winded entry describing how I spotted Mt Scott from Mt Maurice months before and thought that I had better get onto it.  Then I wandered around, had a gander, and slinked back down the track to my van.  
A worthy journey to a lesser known natural area.

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