Thursday 16 August 2018

Meander Falls, Tasmania.

The Meander Falls Track is around 10 kilometres/ 6 miles in length, an out & back walking path showcasing the very start of the Meander River on the fringes of the Central Plateau Conservation Area of Northern Tasmania.

The trailhead is accessed by travelling to the Meander locality outside Deloraine, then following Huntsman Road for a bit and onto Meander Falls Road right to the end where there is a car park and signposting.
The road is gravel and dirt for last 5 or 6 kilometres and rolls over a few newish bridges. 
It was a tad sticky in the rain but I made it through fine in a 2WD SUV.

There is no public transport to this area; private car or hitching are the only options I can think of.

The Meander Falls track is the most well defined path in this valley, among others.  I can also recommend the nearby Split Rock Falls trail which I have explored many times.  The 2 trails can be linked up to create a fun loop.
If you feel heroic the opportunities and routes are numerous to keep poking up onto the plateau and wander around after reaching the falls lookout.

I took around 4 hours all up, out & back.

Safari Track Rating:  Easy. With some uphill bits.  Well graded path, red triangular markers sprinkled everywhere.  Falls best seen after a heavy rain but that churns up the trail too so prepare to get moist.

I looked at the notes in John & Monica Chapman's 'Day Walks Tasmania'. 2003.

Map sourced from Parks & Wildlife Tasmania.

You can check out the notes on the Parks page here

Just a short hike, but a worthy one this month.

My dogs were at work one day last week (I'm not kidding, they have a part time job of sorts) so I thought it apt to go chase a walk I hadn't done in a region that is designated 'no pets'.

There was a bit of construction work being carried out at the car parking area but as it was a weekday no one else was about and I had the trail to myself.

The roar of the river is continually heard on your right as you wander through Myrtle trees and juvenile King Billy pines, gradually gaining ground after passing the Dixon's Track and Wood-Maynard Loop tracks on the left.

There had been a fair bit of rain lately so the river was pumping and the air was clean and crisp.

The turnoff to the link path up Bastion Bluff and the Split Rock Falls track was passed on the right, a nice campsite just before the viewing point and wa-lah, Meander Falls was chucking a heap of water over the snow glazed cliffs.