Monday 3 May 2021

Mt Maurice, North East Tasmania, 6 kilometres return.


Map sourced from Google Maps.


A short, non taxing, mostly level saunter through quiet mossy fagus forest to the flat, wide summit of Mount Maurice.  Kick ass views during fine weather but worth the hassle anytime unless it's chucking down. 


This is the bit that prompted me to write up this hike.  

There is a fair slop of confusion on the interwebs regarding getting to the Western trailhead of the Mt Maurice walk.

This is how I found my way from Launceston.  And full disclosure; I attempted to locate this track a few years ago and completely lost my way due to forestry activity diversions and being a general dumbass.  I guess I've improved my navigation skills or maybe I just got lucky. 😉

  • From central Launceston it is around 33 kilometres to Camden Hill Road on the A3.
  • Chuck a right hand turn onto Camden Hill Road, it is after the Myrtle Park Recreation Ground.
  • Toddle up for 7.5 kilometres and keep left where the road turns onto Diddlelum Road. 
  • 10 kilometres later turn left down a gravel track.  This is Knights Road.  Google maps should be able to get you here.
  • I parked up just before the dodgy bridge going over St Patricks River, 600 metres down the road.  Photo below.  There are rough informal camping sites on both sides of the river.

  • If you are happy crossing the bridge in whatever you are driving/ riding then head up the road for 3.7 kilometres (cautiously) and locate the trailhead sign on the right hand side at the end of Knights Road. Photo below.

The road is ok for 2WD I'm guessing, I dunno as I walked the road.  It was quiet and I'm keen to walk, not drive.  There were potholes and largish rocks but nothing too exciting that made me go 'Oh wow I wouldn't come up here without a full on 4 wheel drive'.


Easy as.  Bit of scrub bashing and mud for 200 metres or so before the incline uppy bit to the summit, otherwise well marked and mostly runnable. 

Map sourced from page 41, 50 Family Walks Around Launceston & North East Tasmania. 2008

As I stated I walked up the road from St Patricks River and the overall distance was about 12 or 13 kilometres return.  Half this if you drive all the way up Knights Road.


I used the ever useful '50 Family Walks Around Launceston & North East Tasmania' by Jan Hardy and Bert Elson. Hillside Publishing. 2008.